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Video Lessons for Concept Clarity

Learn at your own pace, from the comfort of your home, with topic-based video lessons!


Full-Length GRE Mock Tests

Get the experience of taking GRE with 7 mocks that simulate the actual test.


Study Planner to Stay on Schedule

Create a planner based on your test date to stay on track with your prep!


GRE Resources to Guide You

Quench your thirst for knowledge with Expert-curated blogs


Section-Based Topic Tests

Focus on topics that need your attention with curated topic tests


Algorithm that Personalizes GRE Prep

Our adaptive algorithm learns your capabilities and suggests curated practice to help you improve


Test Score Report

Get a detailed report of your GRE tests with insights on subject-wise performance.


Pause and Save

Life happens! You can pause and save your test progress and pick it back up later!


Timed and Untimed Tests

You can opt between a timed test & untimed test to suit your needs.


Instant Solutions

No need to wait! Get immediate solutions with detailed explanations across all tests.

Why are we the best GRE preparation for you?

Yocket Prep offers a full range of services that help our students get their best possible GRE scores. Our students learn the best approaches to GRE subject matter, test-taking strategies and time management skills in order to maximise their GRE score potential.

Our services provide targeted and personalized preparation based on individual student goals, strengths and weaknesses, preferred learning style and availability. We provide a wide range of resources including GRE virtual classes, recorded lessons, interaction with GRE experts, vocabulary building, GRE study schedule, free diagnostic tests and free GRE practice tests. With the prowess of AI-driven tools, Yocket Prep ensures that students benefit from tailored guidance and instruction, adapting seamlessly to their unique learning preferences and progress trajectory.

Within the Yocket Prep platform we provide GRE study material that cover the Verbal Reasoning section (text competition, sentence equivalence, reading comprehension), the Quantitative Reasoning section (word problems, algebra, percentages/fractions/ratios, data interpretation, geometry, statistics exponents, probability, coordinate geometry, and arithmetic series) and the Analytical Writing (the essay portion of the test covering Analyze the Issue).

This makes Yocket Prep the unequivocal preference for individuals aspiring to attain exceptional scores and unlock their full academic potential.


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