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    GRE Vocabulary Flashcards: How to Use them?

    GRE Flashcards

    When it comes to preparing for the GRE Verbal section, you will find multiple ways, such as through flashcards. Using GRE flashcards is the most effective way to prepare for the test. Although multiple verbal preparation books and other resources are available, flashcards have their benefits. When preparing for the GRE's verbal section, you can utilise these free GRE vocabulary Flashcards on your computer or smartphone, available in the form of a free app to brush up on your vocabulary knowledge and verbal ability.

    And there is so much more that you can do with these handy GRE word cards! Don’t believe us? Keep reading to discover all about the GRE verbal flashcards!

    Importance of GRE Flashcards

    GRE physics flashcards or GRE word cards are of great importance when it comes to preparing for the GRE verbal section. Let us help you know why:

    • They are hands-on: One interesting aspect is that you must interact with flashcards by flipping and sorting implies that you must confront the subject. When using GRE vocabulary lists, you will witness that your eyes glaze over without you fully understanding the terms.
    • All Orders are in Random: If you quiz yourself on a list of vocabulary items, you will find that the order of the words remains constant! Unless you have someone else quiz you, flashcards will keep the order in a random position. This prevents you from retaining terms and definitions depending on their order, which will be ineffective on exam day.
    • They are Versatile: Flashcards are one of the most adaptable study aids available to GRE students since they can be customised to each student's learning style. Some students like to use handwritten flashcards or different color paper cards to mark the difficulty level of GRE vocabulary terms they've mastered. But some students prefer GRE vocabulary cards in digital format, making their preparation easy.
    • Perfectly Fit in Study Time: GRE flashcards enable you to study as per your timeline and fit in "quick-hit" sessions whenever and wherever you want. Whether going to college, waiting at the supermarket, or during the lunch break, flashcards can be worth your study time. Since GRE preparation is a cumulative process, all those minutes add up!
    • Help You Stay Organised: Staying organised is one way of preparing for GRE vocab, and flashcards are one way to make it possible. You must split your cards between the "mastered" and "not mastered" segments. With this proven strategy, you'll know exactly what you need to learn at any given time.

    However, you will need to spend most of your flashcard study time on the "not mastered" pile; flashcards also make it simple to go back and quiz yourself on previously taught material.

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    How to Use GRE Flashcards for GRE Preparation?

    Making flashcards from a vocabulary list is simple: On one side of your card, write the GRE vocabulary word; on the other, write its definition and a statement utilising the term in context. Make cards for more than just unfamiliar words. Instead, make a card for each word on the list. In many cases, you will find it useful to include different definitions, antonyms, synonyms, and possibly even the roots related to the word.

    There is a waterfall method used with GRE word cards. The process involved going through smaller and smaller groups of flashcards once you start learning definitions, then working back up until you're satisfied you've memorised them all, is the waterfall method.

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    List of Best GRE Flashcards

    To assist you in learning more advanced GRE vocabulary, we’ve created a list of GRE flashcards for you to acknowledge and practice for your GRE effectively. Here are the list of best GRE Flashcards:

    •   Kaplan GRE flashcards
      •    Manhattan Prep Essential and Advanced GRE Flashcards
      •    Princeton’s flashcards
      •    Doug’s GRE stack
      •    Barron’s GRE flashcards
      •    Magoosh Free flashcards
      •    Study stack GRE flashcards

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    Best GRE Flashcard Resources

    When you look for the free resource of GRE flashcards, you will come across some good options. You will find GRE physics flashcards and GRE word cards for free.

    Some of the top GRE vocabulary flashcards available are:

    Yocket Prep Banner

    Magoosh Online Flashcard Application

    Magoosh's online GRE flashcard, available in-app, is the white bread of GRE flashcard possibilities. It is designed to benefit students in practising GRE vocab.

    You can drill specific 50-word sets classified as "common," "basic," or "advanced" using the Magoosh app. Within sets of cards, the order is random, and after flipping a card, you check whether you understood the word or not. The word is considered "mastered" if you already know it. It goes into "learning" if you didn't know. If you say you know a "learning" word, and it comes up again, it goes into the "reviewing" category.

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    Magoosh Printable Flashcards

    The Magoosh printable GRE vocabulary flashcards offer several good features helping students with preparation. First and foremost, the fact that they are printable means that you may employ the waterfall approach! There's also a good assortment of GRE vocabulary terms.

    However, the themes of the various GRE vocabulary sets might be hit or miss. A "top 10" list contains a few essentially meaningless words. Other lists, however, are based on word origins and bases, which may help you uncover patterns that will benefit you when encountering unknown terms. You can get GRE flashcards PDF format and in application format too.

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