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  • Etymology of words
  • Using words through context
  • Text Completion
  • How to read a passage
  • Central Idea and primary purpose
  • Factual questions in Reading comprehension
  • Inference based questions in Reading comprehension
  • Critical Reasoning
  • Analyse the Issue (AWA)
  • Analyse an Argument (AWA)
  • Sentence Equivalence


  • Percentages, Profit loss, Interest, and Ratios
  • Averages and Mixtures
  • Rate and work, Speed and distance
  • Stats (Median, Mode, Range, Standard Deviation) & Normal curve
  • Linear & Quadratic equations
  • Functions & graphs
  • Inequalities and Modulus
  • Lines and Triangles
  • Quadrilaterals, Polygons, Circles and Solids
  • Coordinate geometry & inequalities
  • Basics of numbers, divisibility, factors, GCD, LCM
  • Factorials, Remainders, units digit
  • Exponents, Number line, series
  • Permutation & Combination concepts
  • Permutation & Combination & Probability
  • Sets and Data interpretation

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