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    GRE Accepting Universities in USA for MBA: GRE Score Required for MBA in USA?

    gre for mba in usa

    The GRE is a quantitative exam focusing on quantitative comparisons, text completion, and sentence equivalence. In addition, the GRE is a standardized test that checks the capability of the candidates to study at an acclaimed American business university. Therefore, it is compulsory at many top business colleges in the USA to submit your GRE score for MBA in the USA.

    Most importantly, to get admission in any discipline, a good GRE score for MBA in the USA is essential. In order to gain admission into a top business program in the USA, you must achieve a high GRE score in the initial stage of the application process. The GRE score required for MBA in USA varies upon which GRE accepting MBA colleges in the USA you take admission in, along with the course you choose. Wish to know more? Keep reading to explore all about the GRE score for MBA in USA! 

    Importance of GRE for MBA in USA 

    The USA is among the top choices to study MBA in the world. Every year thousands of candidates apply for different colleges accepting GRE scores for MBA in the USA. There are various reasons why MBA here is one of the top studied courses. Some of the reasons are mentioned below: 

    • Get access to world's top business schools: Most of the world's prestigious MBA universities are located in the USA. The USA is known as the hub of business schools and provides students with great career opportunities. You can choose any of the top MBA colleges in the USA accepting GRE to get quality education that is given by excellent faculty members. In addition, you may also get the chance to intern different business people to get exposure in the field.
    • Global Job Opportunities: As a student at an MBA university in the USA, you get the opportunity to work for global companies and academically bright students get placement in international companies with global exposure in their specific program. Students after doing MBA through GRE in the USA are regarded highly by potential employers around the world.
    • Advanced Technology: Advanced technology is another reason why the USA is among top choices to study abroad. To provide students with the latest technological tools the university has fully equipped classrooms and laboratories. Which also helps students advance their competitive and technological skills. 
    • Excellent Research and Support: Almost all the business schools in the USA accepting GRE scores provide a high tech research support facility to all its students. Not only this the MBA colleges and universities provide various workshops, orientations, and training programs to foreign students to help understand the research topic.

    Apart from the GRE exam there are a variety of other factors that come into play while taking admission for MBA in the USA. The GRE score is given utmost importance at the USA colleges and universities because it ensures that only academically bright and excellent students are admitted in every program. Moreover, the GRE accepting MBA colleges in the USA have specific GRE cut-off criteria which determines your admission into MBA programs in the USA. Once you have submitted your GRE scores, the admission department or admission officers check your minimum GRE score for MBA in the USA which helps ensure that only the finest applicants are selected among the lot to pursue a business degree from any USA college. 

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    List of Top Universities Accepting GRE in USA for MBA 

    The GRE score is accepted at 1200+ business schools globally and most of them are in the USA, and you can choose from the top MBA colleges in USA accepting GRE. 

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    The universities in the USA accepting GRE for MBA also have specific cut-offs and some universities ask for a minimum GRE requirement. Therefore, to prepare properly for the exam you must know about different universities and colleges in the USA with their minimum GRE scores.

    Listed below are universities in the USA accepting GRE for MBA:


    Required Scores

    QS World Rankings 2022

    Harvard Business School

    Verbal Reasoning: 160

    Quantitative Reasoning: 164

    Writing: 4.0

    Stanford Graduate School of Business

    Verbal Reasoning: 155 – 160 

    Quantitative Reasoning: 164

    Writing: 4.5


    Wharton School 

    No minimum GRE requirement


    Massachusetts Institute of Technology – Sloan 

    Verbal Reasoning: 165

    Quantitative Reasoning: 165-170

    Writing: 4.0 & Above


    Columbia Business School

    Verbal Reasoning: 160

    Quantitative Reasoning: 164

    Writing: 4.5


    Cornell University – Johnson

    Verbal Reasoning: 165 – 170

    Quantitative Reasoning: 154 – 167

    Writing; 4.5


    Northwestern University – Kellogg 

    Verbal Reasoning: 160

    Quantitative Reasoning: 160 – 165

    Writing:4.0 & Above


    New York University – Stern

    Verbal Reasoning: 165

    Quantitative Reasoning: 160& Above

    Writing:4.5 & Above


    University of Chicago – Booth

    Verbal Reasoning: 155 & Above

    Quantitative Reasoning: 165

    Writing:4.5 & Above


    University of California Berkeley – Haas

    Verbal Reasoning: 155-160

    Quantitative Reasoning:165

    Writing:5.0 & Above


    Dartmouth College – Tuck

    Verbal Reasoning: 155

    Quantitative Reasoning: 160

    Writing:4.5 & Above


    Yale School of Management

    Verbal Reasoning: 160

    Quantitative Reasoning: 160 – 165 

    Writing:5.0 & Above


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    GRE Score Requirements for MBA in USA

    The GRE cut-off differs from course to course and university to university. In addition, there are various guidelines that are followed while determining the average GRE score for MBA in the USA. When you have a low GPA or GRE score, the admission committee wonders about your aptitude and ability to handle the curriculum. Therefore, it is crucial to score high marks in the GRE exam. 

    Though there is no official cutoff score set by ETS for the GRE exam, most USA colleges have similar minimum marks requirements of the GRE exam. However, when compared to other countries the USA colleges have a higher GRE cut-off; therefore, to get admission in the top MBA colleges in the USA you should study hard to prepare for the GRE exam. 

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