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    GRE at Home vs Testing Centre: Know the Pros & Cons 


    In 2020, with the robust number of study-abroad applications and due to the Covid 19 outbreak, many students failed to take the GRE test. And, because of the unavailability of test centres, ETS came with a solution of conducting the GRE test at home centres. Interesting, right?

    The GRE at home test is almost identical in format, content, and on-screen experience to the GRE test centre examination. Hence, it is definitely intriguing and overwhelming for you when you are introduced to this new home-based concept. 

    And so, if you are looking for the difference between GRE at Home vs Testing Centre, this blog will help you to decide which one is the right fit for you!

    Latest Update for GRE Aspirants: The GRE General Test fee has increased by $15 USD and therefore costs $228 USD for test takers in India from November 1, 2022


    Before we discuss the GRE test at Home vs Testing Centre, let's discuss what exactly the GRE at Home and GRE at Test Centre are.

    GRE at Home

    The Graduate Record Examinations or GRE at Home Centre is a safe and convenient choice for students who want to take their test at home instead of a testing centre. This is offered everywhere in the available countries in terms of your account address.

    A Human Proctor Online through ProctorU is available that can monitor your GRE home tests. This home testing is available around the clock i.e. seven days per week.

    GRE at Test Centre

    The GRE General test is offered at more than thousands of test centres in around 1,000 locations across 160 different countries. This too is administered on a continuous basis in different regions worldwide. You can appear in the test anywhere in the country based on your address.

    Now that you know about both types of tests, let's look at the pros and cons of GRE at Home and GRE at Testing Centre:

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    Pros and Cons of the GRE Exam at Test Centre

    Attempting the GRE test at your nearest testing centre gives you an exam environment packed with aspirants along with multiple proctors. Here we have discussed some of the pros and cons of the GRE exam at a testing centre.


    • No need of equipment: The regular test favours by providing the required equipment for the exam. You just need to register for the exam and appear in it by visiting the testing centre. The conducting body gives you a supervised environment for the test and is responsible for any difficulties that arise in the exam.
    • Proper Connection: Taking the test at a testing centre will also allow you not to worry much for the proper internet connection. This is the best choice for aspirants who don't have proper connections or coming from a place where internet stability is still a major concern.

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    • Less Freedom in scheduling the exam: GRE Home test has more flexibility when it comes to scheduling the exam. You can either take it at night or during the daytime. Choosing the GRE test at a testing centre doesn't give you a freedom to choose your preferred time as they have only a limited number of seats and the tests must be scheduled at the day time.
    • Unfamiliar Equipment: Sometimes the equipment of the test is not good in working. For example, the keyboard may get clunky and its keys become hard to press. This is another reason that many students may face when they are taking the exams at a test centre.

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    Pros and Cons of GRE Test at Home

    The GRE exam at home provides you the flexibility to give the test in our comfort either through a computer or a laptop. An online proctor always sticks with your system and has access to your screen. Here are some of the pros and cons of selecting GRE at Home.


    • Peace of Mind: Attempting the GRE test at home will give you inner peace with a calm environment. Many times students fails to concentrate in the exam centre because of an ambient noise in the room due to construction or a busy market near the centre. Taking the test at home helps you to feel more comfortable in a familiar environment.
    • Flexibility: Sometimes because of unavailability of test centres and proper date, the exam might get postponed or you may fail to reach the testing centre. Selecting GRE at Home is more accessible and you can also find the appointment of the test as early as possible.


    • Stable Connection: The only cons of giving the GRE at Home is the lack of a stable internet connection. You always need at least 2 MB per sec speed in order to give the test without any trouble. If somehow your internet bandwidth might get lower than required, you starts getting stability issues.

    Which Exam to Consider: GRE at Home vs GRE at Testing Centre?

    Since both of these tests have their own benefits and limitations, one gives you flexibility and the other gives you a proper environment. But to pick the right one between the GRE at home and the testing centre for study abroad, it is necessary for you to start with giving practice tests. Talking of practice tests- here is one FREE diagnostic test from Yocket Prep that we’d like you to take. And, through this test, you can even get to know about your strengths & weaknesses! 

    The GRE test at home gives you a chance to choose your preferred location whereas the GRE at a testing centre doesn't require you to spend much of your money on the exam equipment. Therefore, it is necessary to analyse your test scores and take the one which gives you more confidence.

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    Prepare for GRE with Yocket Prep

    Whatever mode you decide to take the GRE test, we will be there for you. 

    With Yocket’s GRE Prep platform you can get hold of a whole lot of things - FREE mock & diagnostic tests, FREE resources, more than 40 personalised difficulty-level subject practice tests with instant performance report and detailed solutions, and much much more! 

    And well, not just that, Yocket Prep will offer you: 

    • Instant solutions and performance analysis based on your diagnostic tests
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    The GRE at Home exam can be considered much better because of its flexibility. However, it is up to you which one you should take between the two. If you still have questions, you can always speak to our Yocket Counsellors!.


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