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    GRE Accepting Universities in Germany: Is GRE Required for MS in Germany?

    gre accepting universities in germany

    Germany is one of the popular higher study destinations for international students. One of the reasons attracting students from all over the world is the low to no tuition costs, inexpensive cost of living, and high-quality education. However, to get admission to any of the top universities in Germany, you must fulfil certain eligibility criteria. One such is the GRE required for Germany. Therefore, you need to know which universities in Germany require GRE, and further the GRE cut off for German universities.

    Once you know about the list of German universities accepting GRE score, it becomes easy to seek admission for the respective course.

    Applicants are allowed to take the GRE up to five times per year. To answer- “Is GRE required for MS in Germany?”, GRE for Germany is required as a prerequisite for some but not all universities in Germany. If you wish to know more about the GRE score required for MS in Germany, and which universities in Germany require the exam, stay with us till the end!

    Importance of GRE to Study in Germany

    Is GRE required for Germany? There is a specific GRE score in Germany that students should have complete knowledge of during the admission process. Examine the requirements—or minimums, if applicable—at the graduate or business programmes you're applying to while deciding on your GRE for German universities objective. This will provide you with scoring for acceptance by the German university. You can predict what GRE score will make you a competitive applicant if you uncover the mean or average GRE scores of admitted applicants.

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    The GRE Quantitative Section score is given significantly more weight by most GRE universities in Germany than the other sections. In other circumstances (particularly STEM courses), the GRE Verbal score isn't even considered. Of course, your focus will vary if you're applying for a position in the arts or humanities.

    The GRE Subject Test evaluates applicants' graduate school readiness by assessing their achievement in a given field of study. Some other reasons why GRE required for Germany are:

    • The GRE is used to assess applicants' readiness for graduate school and academic potential. Graduate schools use GRE scores to compare applicants; however, not all programmes regard GRE results equally.
    • Many graduate institutions use GRE scores to assess applicants' eligibility for merit-based fellowships. In addition, students with good GRE scores are eligible for scholarships and other merit-based grants.
    • Using the GRE score, students can also decide about the course to take, including MBA, MS, Law or any other offered in German universities.

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    Is GRE Required for MS in Germany?

    Although most German universities do not require GRE scores as a mandatory requirement, a majority of top universities in Germany assess student applications on the basis of their GRE scores. Therefore, yes, the GRE for MS in Germany is very much required for admission purposes. 

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    Is GRE Required for MBA in Germany?

    No, GRE scores are not required for an MBA in Germany, and are also not a mandatory requirement. On the other hand, universities in Germany do accept GRE scores to assess students’ ability and analytical skills. Therefore, submitting GRE scores for MBA will definitely help you build your profile, and in turn credibility.

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    Top German Universities Accepting GRE Score

    There are some GRE universities in Germany demanding a certain score for the admission purpose. The GRE score required for German universities is distinct and even varies with individual student profiles. The top GRE accepting universities are:


    GRE Score

    QS Ranking 2022

    Technical University of Munich

    Verbal- NA

    Quantitative- 157

    Writing- 3.5


    Ludwig-Maximilians University


    Quantitative- 159



    Humboldt University

    Verbal- 160

    Quantitative- 160

    Writing- 4


    RWTH Aachen University

    Verbal score: 145

    Quantitative score: 165

    AW- 3


    University Of Freiburg

    GRE Test is Optional


    Jacobs University Bremen

    Overall Score- 300

    (unable to find score for each)


    Goethe University Frankfurt

    Verbal- 164

    Quantitative- 170

    Writing- 5


    TU Dortmund University

    60% in all section

    (specific score isn’t available)


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    GRE Score Requirements for German Universities

    When applying for MS in Germany or any other master’s program, it is vital to know that the total GRE score is around 318 or higher. The GRE score for German universities quant part is usually the main focus, and most universities don't even consider the verbal score for engineering and science-related courses.

    However, studying subjects in the arts and humanities will require a higher GRE verbal score. A score of 318 or more is further divided between Verbal, Quantitative and Writing. On an average, the score is divided into-

    • Verbal- 145
    • Quantitative- 160
    • AW- 3 or more

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    GRE Cut-Off for German Universities

    Not every university would ask for the specific score no matter which are the GRE colleges in Germany. However, common fields where GRE score is asked for international students are-

    • MBA
    • MS
    • Engineering
    • Physics
    • Education
    • Computer Science

    Students with higher scores than desired ones have a good chance of seeking admission in GRE universities in Germany. The best way is to have a complete knowledge about the GRE cut off for German universities.

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