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    GRE Mathematics Subject Test: Syllabus, Topics & Preparation Tips

    GRE Mathematics subject test

    The GRE Mathematics subject test is a multiple-choice section of the GRE exam used for getting admission to mathematics graduate programs at universities abroad. If you are planning to study graduate courses in mathematics at reputed institutions, you must take the GRE Mathematics test. The GRE Mathematics subject test syllabus comprises topics like Calculus, Algebra and so on.

    In order to get a great score in the GRE Mathematics subject test, you must have a deep understanding of the preparation methods along with its syllabus and structure. Along with that, regular practice is equally important to excel in this section. In this blog, we bring you a complete guide on the GRE Mathematics test to kickstart your preparation for the GRE Mathematics 2022.

    Overview of GRE Mathematics Subject Test

    The GRE Mathematics test is mostly opted by students aspiring to pursue masters degree programs in Mathematics at the top universities abroad. The Mathematics paper of the GRE generally has 66 multiple choice questions that can be solved within 2 hours and 50 minutes.

    The major part of the questions comprises the core knowledge you most commonly encountered in the Mathematics courses at an undergraduate level of study. The GRE mathematics subject test syllabus is structured into three parameters i.e. Calculus (50%), Algebra (25%) and the rest 25% contains topics such as sequence and series, statistics, combinatorics etc.

    The calculus part involves questions about its applications and subject matter which is assumed to be common among all mathematics majors. You can expect questions from differential calculus and integral calculus of one or more variables and their connections with other branches of mathematics such as trigonometry, coordinate geometry etc.

    The algebra questions cover an additional 25% part, which tests elementary algebra, abstract algebra, number theory, and linear algebra. And the remaining have some additional GRE math subject test topics like series, probability, statistics, algorithms etc.

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    Now that we have had the overview of the GRE Mathematics exam. Let us now have a close look at the GRE Mathematics syllabus:

    GRE Mathematics Syllabus

    The GRE Mathematics Subject Test section consists of multiple-choice questions. Every piece of MCQs on the subject offers students five response options from which you have to pick the right one. The average score of the GRE Mathematics test ranges between 200 to 990 with a 10 point increment. 

    As per ETS, the detailed GRE Mathematics Test Syllabus is given below:

    Calculus (50%)

    The topics you have to learn in the calculus section are differential and integral calculus of one or two variables along with some calculus-based applications and its connections with coordinate geometry, differential equations, trigonometry and other different branches of mathematics.

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    Algebra (25%)

    • Elementary Algebra: Basic algebra techniques are included in this section.
    • Linear Algebra: A system of linear equations, vector algebra, math, linear transformations, characteristics polynomials, and eigenvectors and eigenvalues.
    • Abstract algebra and Number Theory: Some elementary topics of group theory, the theory of rings and modules, number theory and field theory.

    Additional Topics (25%)

    • Discrete Mathematics: Set theory, logic, graph theory, combinatorics, and algorithms.
    • Introduction to real analysis: Continuity, differentiability and integrability, sequence and series, number and functions, and the elementary topology of R and Rn.
    • Other topics includes general topology, complex variables, geometry, probability and statistics, and numerical analysis.

    The types of questions asked from the topics are distributed throughout the paper. Although the GRE questions are not set aside and labelled separately, a few of them from a single section may appear on a consecutive basis.

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    What are the types of questions asked in GRE Math?

    The question types generally asked in the GRE Math testing include:

    • Calculus: differential and integral calculus of one or more variables.
    • Algebra: elementary, linear algebra, and abstract algebra and number theory.
    • Other: logic, algorithms, probability, statistics, combinatorics, and sequence and series.

    How to Prepare for the GRE Mathematics Subject Test?

    Preparing for the GRE Mathematics is one of the crucial parts of excelling in the exam. The paper has been designed to test your knowledge of mathematical foundations. You must review your undergraduate mathematics notes to prepare well for the test. Here are some of the recommendations for you to start your GRE mathematics preparation:

    • Go through the number of GRE Mathematics prep books that will help you in preparing for this part.
    • Review the question asked in previous Mathematics papers. This shows you the types of questions generally asked in the exam and the exam pattern.
    • Spend much of your time reviewing the topics you have already learned. 
    • Revise the assignments, textbooks, and notes of your college math courses, this will give you a better study outline.
    • Appear in the GRE time practice tests to analyse where you stand in the examination. 
    • The GRE authority also provides official practice exams that will assist you in getting a better understanding about the pattern and question types.

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    Best Preparation Books for GRE Mathematics Test

    The following is the list of GRE math subject test book which will help you in facing the GRE Mathematics test:

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    So, these are some GRE math subject test books which you must include in your GRE mathematics preparation. Do make sure to practice enough to tackle the problems quickly. Try Yocket’s latest GRE Prep to practice the latest GRE questions carefully curated by experts!

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