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    GRE Registration 2024: Know How to Book Your GRE Slot

    Are you willing to take the GRE exam but struggling with the long and exhaustive registration process? Do you want to know about the GRE registration fee and slot booking? Are you worried about registration dates and deadlines?

    If you answer affirmatively to all the questions mentioned above, Sit back and relax as we walk you through your GRE registration process and related aspects, all at one place without shifting tabs!

    GRE registration is no rocket science and can be cracked easily once you are aware of the process. But right before starting off, it is important to carefully check eligibility criteria and requirements as laid out by ETS.

    As you have decided to take the GRE test and secure your place in the university of your dreams, let’s dive deeper into the registration process for GRE.

    Note: You must always remember to book your slot in advance to avoid any last-minute inconvenience.

    How to Register for GRE Exam?

    “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity,” they say. Try your luck/ chances of studying master’s at your dream university abroad by registering for the GRE today. GRE test registration is a simple process involving 5 steps:

    1. Visit ETS official website and create your profile.
    2. Select the type of GRE test you want to take.
    3. Choose a convenient test centre.
    4. Select the date and time.
    5. Pay the GRE registration fee, and you are done. 

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    Now, do you know there are 3 ways to register for the GRE? Sounds interesting? Let us know more about it below:

    What are the 3 Ways for GRE Exam Registration?

    Who doesn’t like choices? Do you know, ETS also gives you the leverage of choosing the best medium to register for the GRE? You can now complete your GRE registration in 3 ways, depending on whatever is suitable for you. And the best part being, all of them are equally feasible and easy. The 3 ways for GRE registration include:

    • Online
    • Offline
    • At Home

    GRE Registration Online

    Opting for the online mode is the best way for GRE slot booking and registration as it offers utmost convenience to the students. The first step involves creating an ETS account and logging in to enter all the necessary details, followed by choosing your date and paying the GRE registration fee through credit or debit cards under American Express, Master Card, Discover, Visa card, or JCB.

    Apart from that, you may also use PayPal and e-check services to pay the GRE registration fee, if that sounds like a better idea to you! However, it is necessary to send paper checks and money orders via mail along with the GRE General Test Authorization Voucher Request Form to ensure a successful registration!

    Pro Tip: It is advisable to register at least two business days prior to your preferred GRE test date.


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    GRE Registration Offline

    So far as GRE registration offline is concerned, you may do it in 3 ways:

    • Phone
    • Mail
    • Fax

    GRE Registration via Phone

    If you are a resident of the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Guam, or U.S. Virgin Islands, you may call on the number 1-443-751-4820 or 1-800-473-2255 to register for GRE. Adding to this, another prominent way is to call on the appropriate RRC (Regional Registration Center) number for GRE registration.

    GRE Registration Via Mail

    GRE exam registration can also be done via mail by following 3 simple steps:

    1. Fill in the GRE General Test Authorization Voucher Request Form and mail it to the address printed on it.
    2. Don't forget to enclose the payment fees along with the form, paid via money order or paper check.
    3. Mail your form at least three weeks before the preferred GRE test date, post which you will receive a confirmation number, reporting time, and the address of the test centre.

    GRE Registration Via Fax

    You may also complete your GRE registration through fax. Once you complete filling your form, send the application to 91-124-4147773. Keep in mind that your application form is received seven days before your chosen GRE test date.

    GRE Registration at Home

    Taking the GRE test at home is a great idea if you have all the necessary technical equipment like a computer, microphone, camera, etc. at your disposal. Wondering how to register for the same? It is the same as the GRE General Test, hence the registration process, fees, everything else is the same too. The only thing you need to do differently is selecting the ‘at-home’ option during registration. 

    Now, there are 2 types of GRE tests: General and Subject tests. The registration process for both of them are different. So, let’s look at them one by one:

    How to Register for the GRE General Test?

    The GRE General Test is highly opted by students. Are you also up for the same? Well, let us then walk you through the GRE General Test registration process below:

    • Visit the official website of ETS and create a user profile by adding all information.
    • Choose GRE General Test and select the convenient test centre, time and test date.
    • Re-check all the information and pay the GRE registration fee.

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    How to Register for GRE Subject Test?

    You need to follow a different process if you wish to take the GRE Subject Test. Is it critical?, if you may ask. No, definitely not! Let us simplify it for you below:

    • Visit the official ETS website to create a profile to take up the GRE exam.
    • Choose the GRE subject test from the option and select the subjects of your choice.
    • Submit the GRE test registration form
    • Choose the GRE exam 2024 registration date and test centre from the list
    • Confirm all the details and make the GRE registration fee payment.

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    GRE Slot Booking

    The next important step after GRE test registration is GRE slot booking. This is another leverage given to GRE test takers. Appear for the test on your preferred date and time. Isn’t it great? There is absolutely no need to wait for the ETS to declare the exam date after registration. You can choose the one that best suits your comfort and study plans. 

    Mentioned below are the steps involved to book your GRE Slot:

    • Sort the available options using the "By Date" and "By Distance" tabs in the page's top-left corner and choose the preferred options.
    • You may also scroll through the calendar or enter your nearby location for GRE slot booking.
    • Select "Register" and review all the test information. Check the "Testing Policies" checkbox, click "Next," and give your preference for GRE Exam registration. Click on "Next" again.
    • Enter all necessary information and add the free GRE preparation items to your cart for payment.
    • Click "Next" and select the "Proceed to Checkout" button.
    • Review the details and select the "Pay Now" button.
    • Enter your payment information and click on the "Buy" button.
    • Check the confirmation page and registration confirmation email to ensure GRE slot booking by ETS is successfully confirmed.

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    What is GRE Registration Fees?

    Registration process? Checked!

    Slot Booking? Checked! 

    Now let us explore the last segment of your GRE registration- the fees. 

    The GRE registration fees is different for different countries. The GRE registration fee in India is 228 USD, which is approximately 18,656 INR. Let us have a look at the GRE fee for some of the top countries below:

    Country Name

    GRE Fee


    231 USD


    228 USD

    Rest of the world

    220 USD

    GRE Latest Updates 2024

    As you plan, prepare and strategize for the GRE, it is crucial to keep a check on the latest changes and updates of the test. The ETS ensures to offer hassle-free experience to all the candidates by taking the necessary steps. Listed below are some latest updates for GRE 2024 put forward by ETS:

    25% Off on TOEFL on Registering for GRE 

    The GRE and TOEFL are conducted by the same body- ETS. Now ETS provides a 25% off on your TOEFL iBT test when you register for GRE General Test for a limited period. 

    Acceptance of Adhaar Card as ID Proof for GRE

    ETS has started accepting adhaar card as an ID proof for the GRE test since July 2021. However, passports are more preferred as an identity proof as compared to any other document. So, use your adhaar card only if you do not have a valid passport.

    Raise in GRE Registration Fee for Indian Students

    As of November 1, 2023, the GRE registration fee in India for general test is 228 USD from 213 USD. The fee for the rest of the world is 220 USD except for China, which is 231 USD.

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    GRE Preparation Tips

    As you plan to appear for the GRE and register for the same, how do you ensure to qualify with flying colours? The number of candidates taking the GRE test is quite high, and so is the competition. But with the right tips and tricks you can surely be ahead of others in the race. 

    So, it’s time to do away with procrastination and kickstart your GRE preparation.

    Presenting below 3 quick tips to accelerate your preparation for GRE:

    • Start Early: Waiting for the last minute can be your biggest flaw in preparation. Start your preparation atleast 3 months prior to expected exam date. 
    • Focus on Weaker Sections: None of us are experts in all fields and subjects. Be very mindful of sections that you find more challenging and devote more time and effort for them.
    • Practice, Practice & Practice: GRE Preparation is incomplete without appropriate practice. There are a number of resources and platforms today wherein you can experience a real-life GRE test. Proper practice boosts your preparation and confidence to a great extent.

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    Yocket GRE Prep+ for GRE Preparation

    Planning, preparation and practice go hand in hand. Practice being the last stage of your GRE journey, requires utmost emphasis. So, how about finding a one stop solution to address all your doubts? 

    Yocket brings to you GRE Prep, a platform to effectively analyse your strengths and weaknesses through GRE diagnostic tests for free! No, that is not it. 

    You may also upgrade to Yocket GRE Prep+ that has more than 40 personalised difficulty-level subject practice tests with instant performance report and detailed solutions. The topics are organised as per priority GRE requirements and your performance in both timed and untimed mode. With an adaptive algorithm, full performance analysis & detailed solutions, experience the real-life GRE test through Yocket GRE Prep+. 

    Once you check GRE eligibility criteria, prepare accordingly and get started with the registration process right away. The GRE registration process is quite simple if you know the right step. However, don’t rush to appear for the test if you are not well prepared. Check the GRE dates as well as your university deadlines and then take the best decision. 

    For more guidance and assistance for your study abroad journey, get in touch with our Yocket professionals.

    Frequently Asked Questions About GRE Registration

    1. What is GRE registration fee in India?

    Ans. As of November 1, 2023, the GRE registration fee for Indian students is 228 USD, approximately 18,885 INR.

    2. Can I complete my GRE registration online?

    Ans. Yes. GRE exam registration can be done online. It is in fact the most preferred way of registering for GRE.

    3. Can I reschedule my GRE exam?

    Ans. Yes. You can reschedule GRE test by logging into your ETS account. You need to pay a fee of 50 USD for the same.

    4. How to book a slot in ETS GRE exam?

    Ans. For GRE slot booking, log in to your ETS account and select the convenient date and time for GRE exam.

    5. When should I apply for GRE?

    Ans. There is no definite time to apply for GRE. However, keep in mind the university admission deadlines and your preparation before registering for GRE.


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