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    GRE Score Range: Know Score Validity, Percentiles & GRE Total Score

    Have you been aiming at scoring 320+ in your GRE exam? Or have you been wondering what exactly should you score to sail through your admissions? 

    No wonder with all the false information and rumours on the internet; you must have been confused about what exactly is a perfect GRE score. *Enter Yocket as your knight in shining armour*

    Well, harsh or not, the GRE score is a filtering mechanism. How? Wait for it. 

    First, solve this question for us, and we shall give you a life changing answer at the the end of this article- 

    Sita and Geeta went to give their GRE papers. Given below is a representation of their verbal sections, you’ve to predict their GRE scores: 

    Section  No. of Correct Answers 
    Verbal 1 (Medium) 4
    Verbal 2 (?) 15
    GRE Score  ?
    Section  No. of Correct Answers 
    Verbal 1 (Medium) 14
    Verbal 2 (?) 6
    GRE Score  ?

    Let’s now hope you can come up with accurate results for Sita and Geeta’s GRE scoring chart! 

    Okay, no more building curiosity like reality TV shows, let’s dive in. 

    What is the GRE Score Range? 

    The GRE score range is between 260 and 340. This range is determined by the combined scores of two sections of the GRE: Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning. Each of these sections is graded on a scale of 130 to 170, with one-point increments. Your score on the Analytical Writing portion of the GRE (which assesses your written analysis skills) is reported separately and doesn’t factor into the total score. The Analytical Writing score ranges from 0.0 to 6.0 in half-point increments.

    Before delving further into the depths of good, and bad GRE scores, here is how the GRE score range looks like: 


    GRE Score Range 


    GRE Verbal Reasoning 


    1 point 

    GRE Quantitative Reasoning 


    1 point 

    GRE Analytical Writing


    0.5 points

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    What is a Good GRE Score? 

    A good GRE score is considered to be 158+ on Verbal Reasoning, 159+ on Quantitative Reasoning, and 4.5+ on Analytical Writing. This range typically places you in the 75th percentile or higher. A good GRE score depends on the schools you’re applying to. Schools use your GRE scores to assess your preparedness for their program’s rigour. 

    However, this is a general guideline. If you’re applying to a math-intensive program like engineering, a higher Quantitative Reasoning score will likely be needed compared to Verbal Reasoning. On the other hand, for a program that emphasises writing and verbal skills, a stronger Verbal Reasoning score might be more important. 

    To make your minds stop boggling, here is a clear cut distinction between a good and bad GRE score: 

    GRE Scoring  Verbal Reasoning  Quantitative Reasoning  Analytical Writing 
    Best GRE Score  163-170 165-170 5.0-6.0
    Competitive GRE Score  158-162 159-164 4.5
    Good GRE Score  152-158 153-158 4.0
    Below Average GRE Score  151 or below  152 or below  3.5 or below

    Given below are also major-wise GRE scores to help you understand what is expected out of you in terms of your chosen major:

          Major Verbal Range Quant Range Writing Range
    Economics 157-161 162-166 3.8
    Chemistry 156-160 163-167 3.7
    Mathematics 156-160 168-170 3.8
    History 159-163 150-154 4.1
    Psychology 155-159 151-155 3.9
    English 160-164 151-155 4.2
    Sociology 155-159 151-155 3.8

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    Average GRE Score 

    The average GRE score for the verbal reasoning section in 2022–2023 was around 151, and for the quantitative reasoning section, it was around 157. The Analytical Writing section is scored separately and isn’t included in the total GRE score. The average score in this section was around 3.4. It’s important to note that these are averages, and scores can vary depending on the field of study.  

    For instance, students admitted to highly selective law programs often score between 159 and 170 on the GRE, while those in top MBA programs typically score between 161 and 167. Hence, the GRE score you need will depend on the specific graduate program and school you are applying to. 

    Like we mentioned before- GRE helps universities “weed-out” applicants based on the program and university chosen. Although specific university cut-offs may be hard to find, you can always look at their average accepted GRE scores. And don’t you worry, we have compiled these averages for you: 

    Another thing to note is that particular programs at specific universities might have their own GRE requirements. For instance, Sita scores an average score of 160 in Verbal Reasoning and about 147 in Quantitative Reasoning and is not able to get into Harvard for Economics. Geeta, on the other hand, scores 160 - Verbal and 166 - Quantitative, and gets herself into Economics Princeton! 

    Sita and Geeta might turn out to be your best friends by the end of this read, lol! 

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    What is the Total GRE Score? 

    The total GRE score is 340. This total combines your Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning scores, graded from 130 to 170 each. Analytical Writing is scored separately (0–6). Subject Tests have a total score of 200–990 and no subscores, though the specific range may vary slightly by subject.  

    GRE Score Conversion 

    Listen - we get it. You may often wonder how the raw GRE score is converted to a scaled GRE exam score. This GRE scoring chart below might be your saviour for once and for all! To carefully, yes, carefully analyse your GRE total score (and Sita and Geeta’s); go through this table below. 

    Correct Answers (verbal/quant) Raw GRE Score (verbal/quant) GRE Scaled Score (verbal/quant)
    0 0 130
    1 1 131
    2 2 132
    3 3 133
    4 4 134
    5 5 135
    6 6 136
    7 7 137
    8 8 138
    9 9 139
    10 10 140
    11 11 141
    12 12 142
    13 13 143
    14 14 144
    15 15 145
    16 16 146
    17 17 147
    18 18 148
    19 19 149
    20 20 150
    21 21 151
    22 22 152
    23 23 153
    24 24 154
    25 25 155
    26 26 156
    27 27 157
    28 28 158
    29 29 159
    30 30 160
    31 31 161
    32 32 162
    33 33 163
    34 34 164
    35 35 165
    36 36 166
    37 37 167
    38 38 168
    39 39 169
    40 40 170

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    GRE Score Percentiles

    The GRE score percentiles as elaborated by ETS will give you an idea how you fare well in comparison to other GRE takers. These percentile scores basically add value to your scaled scores. 

    Given below is the table having Verbal and Quantitative percentile scores: 

    Scaled Score  Verbal Percentile  Quantitative Percentile 
    170 99% 96%
    169 99% 95%
    168 98% 93%
    167 98% 90%
    166 97% 89%
    165 96% 86%
    164 94% 84%
    163 93% 82%
    162 90% 79%
    161 88% 76%
    160 86% 73%
    159 83% 70%
    158 80% 67%
    157 76% 64%
    156 73% 60%
    155 68% 56%
    154 64% 53%
    153 60% 49%
    152 54% 45%
    151 51% 41%
    150 46% 37%
    149 41% 34%
    148 37% 30%
    147 33% 26%
    146 29% 23%
    145 26% 19%
    144 22% 16%
    143 19% 13%
    142 16% 11%
    141 14% 9%
    140 11% 7%
    139 9% 6%
    138 8% 4%
    137 6% 3%
    136 4% 2%
    135 3% 2%
    134 2% 1%
    133 2% 1%
    132 1% 1%
    131 1% 1%
    130 1% 1%

    Moving on, here is how you can comprehend your GRE score for GRE Analytical Writing section

    Score Levels  Writing Percentile 
    6.0 99%
    5.5 98%
    5.0 92%
    4.5 81%
    4.0 57%
    3.5 39%
    3.0 15%
    2.5 7%
    2.0 2%
    1.5 1%
    1.0 1%
    0.5 1%
    0.0 1%

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    GRE Score Validity 

    Now that you’ve gained immense knowledge about the passing score for GRE and the maximum score on GRE, you might want to know how long is GRE score valid for? 

    The GRE score is valid for 5 years. To also answer- when do GRE scores come out? Your GRE scores come out within 15 days of giving your GRE exam. 

    Sample GRE Score Card

    Well, we hope we haven’t drained you yet with this wholesome piece of information. To give your brains a little pictorial transition, given below is a sample GRE score card: 

    gre score card

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    What GRE Scores are Reported?

    The GRE General Test score report reflects your performance in three sections: Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, and Analytical Writing. Each section is scored on a different scale. For Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning, scores range from 130 to 170 in 1-point increments. The Analytical Writing section is scored on a scale of 0 to 6 in half-point increments.  

    Section  Score Scale 
    Verbal Reasoning 130–170, in 1-point increments
    Quantitative Reasoning 130–170, in 1-point increments
    Analytical Reasoning 0–6, in half-point increments

    Note: If you don’t answer any questions in a particular section, you will receive a No Score (NS) for that section on your GRE score report.

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    The Takeaway 

    Well well, it’s time guys. 

    Sita and Geeta have had them all waiting while you were fixated into understanding their GRE scoring. While we can always hope you were able to predict Sita and Geeta’s scores, here’s what they actually got: 

    Section  No. of Correct Answers 
    Verbal 1 (Medium) 4
    Verbal 2 (Easy) 15
    GRE Score (with a penalty) 145
    Section  No. of Correct Answers 
    Verbal 1 (Medium) 14
    Verbal 2 (Hard) 6
    GRE Score (with a bonus) 154

    Hurray! if you predicted their scores right, and no worries, if you couldn't, we are here for you! Now, to understand John and Sarah’s score you must be aware that the GRE is section adaptive. Meaning based on your performance in the first section, the level of your difficulty will keep increasing or decreasing. 

    The major takeaways are: 

    1. Your second section must always be Medium or Hard so as to avoid penalization. 
    2. To avoid your second section to be easy, you must answer at least a minimum of 7-8 questions
    3. The verbal and quantitative sections are scored similarly. 
    4. You just cannot afford to be John, for a difference of even 2 marks will snatch away your dream university!

    With all this humongous overload of information, you must be wondering- what should be my plan of action for GRE? Well, we would suggest the first and foremost thing would be to firmly choose your course of study and university. You can also always take consultation from our Yocket Study Abroad Experts if you might stumble at any stage of your entire study abroad process. 

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    Frequently Asked Questions about GRE Scoring 

    1. What is the passing score for GRE?

    Ans. The passing score for GRE is 130. 

    2. How to check GRE score?

    Ans. You can check your GRE score through the official website of ETS.

    3. What is the GRE score reporting fee?

    Ans. The GRE score reporting fee is 27 USD or 2,010 INR. 

    4. What is full score GRE?

    Ans. The full score GRE is 340. 

    5. GRE score is valid for how many years?

    Ans. The GRE score validity is 5 years from the date of taking the test. 


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