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    GRE At Home: Know The Requirements For 2024


    GRE at home


    Is it possible to write a GRE test at home? For students looking to write this exam in the comfort of their homes, this is now a possibility. The GRE at Home test allows you to write the GRE general test. This means that a few rules remain the same for this type of exam, such as the GRE home test fee, rescheduling process, etc.

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    While the GRE home edition doesn’t replace the physical form of writing this exam, having such an option allows students who prefer to write the exam without any distractions and by themselves. This GRE general test at home is becoming popular, so if you’re also considering this option, check out this blog that covers all details you require about GRE at home.

    Latest Update for GRE Aspirants: The GRE General Test fee will increase by $15 USD and will therefore cost $228 USD for test takers in India from November 1, 2022

    What is GRE At Home Test?

    As the name suggests, GRE at home or the GRE home-based test allows students to take the popular GRE exam at home. The at-home test is identical to the one you'd take at a test center. With the option to take the test on your own computer from the comfort of your own home, you can save time and money without compromising on test quality. Plus, ProctorU's human proctoring ensures that the test is monitored with the same level of rigor as an in-person test.. To successfully write the GRE test at home, students must meet all the GRE at Home requirements, as seen in our next category. The GRE test at home is available around the clock, 7 days a week.

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    Top GRE At Home Requirements

    Since you’re considering undertaking GRE at Home test, certain GRE at home requirements should be fulfilled. The absence of any can cause a hindrance for students to writing the exam. There are two aspects that students should be well aware of, and are categorised as GRE home rules:

    • Equipment Requirements
    • Environment and Testing Requirements

    Let’s learn about each of the equipments & environment required for GRE at home:

    1. Equipment Requirements


    • Only desktop/laptop computer is allowed
    • Tablet, mobile devices or Chromebook is not allowed
    • Use an operating system which is licensed
    • Only Chrome or Firefox browser can be used
    • Twin screens or more than one monitor is not allowed

    Browser Download and Equipment Test

    • Download and install the ETS secure test browser. Choose the versions based on your computer/laptop system
    • Check your equipment with the ProctorU Equipment Test. Do this a day before to eliminate any sudden errors or issues
    • In case you experience any interference of computer firewalls or security applications, this is normal and to avoid any issues you can disable or reconfigure your application


    • No headphones or earphones are allowed
    • To listen to what the proctor is telling you, use only internal and external speakers


    • Only internal and external speakers are allowed to communicate with the proctor


    • Built-in cameras or individual webcam is allowed
    • The camera should be able to show the proctor a complete view of your room, table surface, etc.

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    2. Environmental and Testing Requirements


    • You should be alone in your room. No one can enter the room during the GRE home test
    • All doors should be closed
    • The GRE home test cannot be taken in public spaces

    Tabletop and Seating

    • Place your equipment on a desk or a table surface
    • Sit in a position where the proctor can see your room door
    • The table should be clear of everything such as mobile phones, study materials, etc.
    • You’re not allowed to eat or drink during the GRE home test
    • You need to sit straight on a normal chair and not slouch

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    Clothing, and Appearance

    • Ears shouldn’t be covered
    • Face masks, jewellery, hair bands, etc. are better to avoid during the GRE test at home
    • Dress appropriately since your photo will be clicked and shared the same with the educational institutions.

    Note-taking materials

    • Taking notes during the GRE at home test is not permitted
    • Students are, however, allowed to use one small desktop that has a whiteboard and an erasable marker. The second thing allowed is one sheet of paper which will be present in the transparent sheet protector with an erasable marker.
    • Pens and pencils are not allowed
    • Once completed, students should erase all the notes and exhibit the same to the proctor.

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    Eligibility Criteria For GRE Test At Home

    There are no set eligibility criteria when writing the GRE test at home. There are basic requirements such as:

    • Students should be 18 years of age, and students below this age should have written permission submitted by their parent or legal guardian.
    • Most students apply for this exam to study a graduate program in business abroad, this having an undergraduate degree is better.
    • Lastly, valid identity proof is required. A valid passport serves the purpose, but since 2021, an Aadhaar card is also accepted.

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    What is The GRE Home Test Fee?

    The GRE home test fee is the same as the General GRE test fees. Here is an overview of the same:


    GRE Fee 2024


    INR 22,550



    Other countries


    How Long is GRE Test at Home?

    With the new changes implemented by ETS in September 2023, the overall test time for GRE at home is about 1 hour and 58 minutes.

    What are the Rescheduling Requirements for GRE Home Edition?

    Students who wish to either cancel or reschedule their GRE at Home test for any circumstances can do so but before four days of the actual test date. There will be a fee of $50 or 4,135 INR that needs to be paid to reschedule the GRE.

    Wrapping Up…

    The GRE home concept has made it simpler for students who wish to avoid travelling to test centres that could be far away from their homes. Scoring a good mark in the GRE exam is a huge deal, so you need to start preparing for the same. Thus to help you get started, you can start your GRE from-home preparations with Yocket’s GRE prep.

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