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    All You Need to Know About GRE for Universities & Colleges in Canada

    GRE for Canada

    GRE is one of the exams that make you eligible for admission to master’s degree programs at universities across the globe including Canada. Canada is one of the most popular destinations for studying abroad and attracts a large population of international students every year. This is why universities in Canada require GRE scores for evaluation of students from different academic backgrounds. GRE General Test scores are used for business and management courses while subject tests are conducted in English, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Psychology. In this blog we shall discuss all you need to know about GRE accepting universities in Canada, Canada universities without GRE as well as MS in Canada without GRE & much more.

    Is GRE Required for Canada?

    If you are wondering is GRE required for Canada,then the answer is YES!. Though it is not compulsory, institutions do look at your GRE scores for admission to graduate programs. It is also an acceptable alternative for GMAT scores at many universities. Among universities that require GRE scores, some may specify cut-offs while the others may not have any minimum requirements.

    GRE scores are required for master's level admission across a number of fields and programs. Some of the top fields that require students to present GRE scores are:


    Average GRE Score

    Computer Science




    Business and Management


    Arts and Humanities


    Life Sciences




    Social and Behavioral Science


    Let  us now discuss the top GRE accepting universities in Canada and cut offs for popular universities:

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    Top GRE Accepting Universities in Canada & Their GRE Score Cut-offs

    If you are applying for a MS degree in Canada you will have to take the GRE to get admission to popular universities and competitive courses. You may find GRE scores as an optional requirement for admission to most programs. However, as international applicants you are strongly recommended to include these scores to fulfill the Canada university GRE requirement.

    Let us take a look at the average GRE scores for Canada universities:


    Popular Programs with GRE Requirement

    Minimum GRE Requirement

    University of Toronto


    Master of Management Analytics

    Master of Financial Economics

    MSc Computer Science

    No minimum requirements;

    GRE quantitative score of 167 or above is recommended.

    University of Alberta

    MSc Computer Science

    MEng Chemical and Materials Engineering


    MEng Joint Program in Chemical and Materials Engineering

    No minimum requirements;

    Recommended GRE quantitative score of 155 and 4.0 on analytical writing section

    McGill University

    MS/ MA in Psychology

    MSc/ MEng in Electrical and Computer Engineering

    MSc Biochemistry

    MEng Mechanical Engineering

    Recommended GRE score of 300 or above.

    University of British Columbia



    MA Psychology

    Master of Business Analytics

    MSc Chemistry

    Master of Public Health

    Overall GRE score of 307.

    University of Waterloo

    MSc Computer Science

    MSc Physics

    MSc Psychology

    MSc Pharmacy

    MSc Data Science

    Master of Management Science

    GRE score of 300-310 is recommended.

    Simon Fraser University

    MSc Professional Computer Science

    Master of Clinical Psychology

    Master of Economics

    Minimum requirements not specified.

    McMaster University

    MEng Electrical and Computer Engineering


    MA Anthropology

    Average GRE score of 300 or above is expected.

    Queen’s University

    MSc Management/ Finance

    MSc Psychology

    MSc Computer Science

    MBA/ Executive MBA

    MEng Mechanical and Materials Engineering

    MEng Computer Engineering

    GRE score of 300 or above is recommended.

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    Universities for GRE Score 300-310 in Canada

    The highest possible GRE score is 340. The sections for which scores are reported in the GRE general test are quantitative, verbal reasoning and analytical writing. Subject tests are scored on a scale of 200-990. The final results are indicated in terms of percentile.

    But what is the ideal GRE score for admission to universities in Canada? Generally, scoring 90th percentile in GRE is considered an ideal result. In terms of scores, anything above 300 is a competitive score for admission to top universities. Let us now take a look at universities for GRE score 300-310 in Canada:

    Having known about the top GRE accepting universities and programs in Canada, let us also find out about universities in Canada without GRE:

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    Canada Universities Without GRE

    Finding Canada universities without GRE is not very difficult. Take a look at the table below to know about Canada universities waiving GRE for admission:

    Concordia University

    University of New Brunswick

    Trent University

    University of Regina

    Carleton University

    University of Fraser Valley

    Laval University

    University of Northern British Columbia

    University of Manitoba

    University of Winnipeg

    Memorial University of Newfoundsland

    Lakehead University

    University of Lethbridge

    University of Prince Edward Island

    University of Ontario Institute of Technology

    Royal Roads University

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    MS in Canada Without GRE

    Several universities in Canada require GRE scores only for some programs. You need not worry about losing the opportunity to enroll in your preferred program because of GRE scores. If you are looking forward to enrolling in MS in Canada without GRE, there are a host of specializations and universities available.

    Where universities do not ask for GRE, you are not obligated to satisfy any additional requirements. Some of the most demanded master’s degrees in Canada such as MS in Computer Science, Masters in Business Analytics, Master of Engineering, MBA, MS in Data Science in Canada without GRE are available for students.

    Take a look at the various masters in Canada without GRE and universities offering these programs:

    MS in Computer Science in Canada without GRE

    As one of the most in-demand MS specializations in Canada, students are eager to know whether institutions offer MS in Computer Science in Canada without GRE? The answer is YES and your choices will not be limited as there are several universities in Canada for MS in Computer Science without GRE that are listed below:

    Masters in Business Analytics Canada without GRE

    Another popular choice of specialization in Canada is Masters in Business Analytics. It is a competitive degree program but the good news is that you will find universities offering Masters in Business Analytics Canada without GRE. Take a look at the list below to know about Canada universities waiving GRE for this program:

    MS in Data Science in Canada without GRE

    Besides Engineering degrees, students with technical aptitude are largely enrolling in Data Science degrees because of its future scope. Here are some universities that offer admission to MS in Data Science in Canada without GRE:

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    While it is easy to find universities without GRE in Canada, you can also take the GRE to boost your chances of admission. If you have GRE scores your choices will not be limited and you can also make your mind to apply to institutions in the US, UK or Germany. Moreover, you are allowed to take the exam unlimited times within specified gaps and most Canadian universities consider the best scores so you can re-attempt the exam if you feel your scores are not satisfactory.

    Frequently Asked Questions About GRE for Universities and Colleges in Canada

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