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    GRE Sample Paper: Get Hold of GRE Question Paper, GRE Prep Tips & More! 

    There is nothing quite like this movie, and indeed I am not altogether sure there

    is much more to it than its lovely (i) __________. At a moment when so many

    films strive to be as (ii)__________ as possible, it is gratifying to find one that is so

    subtle and puzzling.

    Blank (i) 

    • peculiarity 
    • pellucidity 
    • conventionality 

    Blank (ii)

    • indirect
    • assertive 
    • Enigmatic

    Preparing for the GRE exam, and looking for a GRE sample paper? This page is meant for you, kid! And, we bet you were able to solve the question above! (Blank (i)- A. peculiarity, Blank (ii)- E. assertive)

    We didn't want to startle you with a question at the beginning of the page itself, but we cannot stress on how important it is to solve a GRE question paper before actually taking your GRE exam! 

    While solving mock tests & practice tests can definitely be an aid to your GRE preparations, getting to know about your strengths and weaknesses can be even more beneficial. And therefore, before you start puzzling out these GRE sample papers, why not know about your strengths and weaknesses through Yocket Prep’s quick 30-minutes diagnostic test? We know you’ll love it! 

    GRE Exam Pattern & Syllabus 

    Now before accessing the GRE Sample paper, let us first run you through the basic structure & pattern of the GRE exam. 

    As you must be aware of, the GRE consists 3 major sections: 

    And, the GRE exam can be taken in 2 ways: 

    • GRE computer-based 
    • GRE paper-based 

    Also, there are 2 types of GRE exams that you can take: 

    • GRE General exam 
    • GRE subject test 

    Below is how the GRE pattern actually looks like: 

    GRE-Computer Based Exam 



    No. of Sections 

    No. of Questions 

    Verbal Reasoning 

    30 minutes 



    Analytical Writing 

    60 minutes 



    Quantitative Reasoning 

    35 minutes 












    3 hours 45 minutes 



    GRE-Paper Based Exam 



    No. of Sections 

    No. of Questions 

    Verbal Reasoning 

    35 minutes 



    Analytical Writing 

    40 minutes 



    Quantitative Reasoning 

    30 minutes 




    3 hours 30 minutes 



    Don’t be scared, we have also got you covered with the GRE general test syllabus below: 

    GRE Verbal Reasoning Syllabus 

    Topics Covered 

    Types of Questions 

    Basic sentence structure


    Subject-verb agreement 

    Pronoun agreement 

    Verb tense 


    Reading Comprehension 

    Text Completion 

    Sentence Equivalence 

    GRE Quantitative Reasoning Syllabus 

    Topics Covered 

    Types of Questions 

    Arithmetic- percentage, ratio, decimal representation 

    Algebra- intercepts, slopes of lines, coordinate geometry, equations

    Geometry- parallel and perpendicular lines, polygons, triangles, circles

    Data analysis- line and bar graphs, scatter plots, permutations & combinations, venn diagram

    Quantitative comparison questions

    Numeric entry 


    GRE Analytical Writing Assessment Syllabus 

    Topics Covered 

    Types of Questions 

    Argument analysis 

    Sustain coherent discussions

    General topics 


    Analyse an issue 

    Analyse an argument 

    And, the GRE subject test syllabus below: 


    GRE Subject Test Syllabus 

    No. of Questions 


    Analytical Chemistry

    Inorganic Chemistry

    Organic Chemistry

    Physical Chemistry

    130 MCQs 


    Classical Mechanics


    Optics and Wave Phenomena

    Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics

    Quantum Mechanics

    Atomic Physics

    Special Relativity

    Laboratory Methods

    Specialised Topics

    100 Five choice questions 




    Additional Topics

    66 MCQs








    205 MCQs 

    Suggested: GRE Exam Syllabus 

    GRE Sample Paper 

    Here here, now that you have had a quick polishing of the GRE pattern & syllabus, you can now amplify your GRE exam prep with these GRE sample paper below: 

    1. GRE Quantitative Reasoning Practice Test 
    2. GRE Verbal Reasoning Practice Test 
    3. GRE AWA Practice Test 

    Previous Year GRE Question Paper 

    One of the most basic ways to get a taste of your forthcoming GRE exam is to get hold of the previous years GRE question paper. 

    It is always best to trust only reliable people, and in GRE’s case, only a reliable source. Hence, we have listed a few of our trusted sources to make you acquainted with the previous year’s GRE question paper: 

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    GRE Prep Tips 

    Here, we have said it. Only solving a GRE mock test or GRE practice test questions will not do you any good alone. 

    These are a few GRE prep tips that you need to follow to make the most of your GRE preparation! 

    1. Set your target score: The first and foremost thing to do when starting your GRE preparation is to set a target GRE score. And if you do not know where to start- take Yocket Prep’s 30-minutes diagnostic test! 
    2. Manage your time: It is really important to stay ahead of your deadlines. Time management, and scheduling your preparation beforehand will do you wonders! 
    3. Practice, practice & practice: The only way to minimise the distance between your target GRE score and your real GRE score is to practise as many GRE mock test & GRE practice test as possible. 

    Suggested: GRE Exam Books & Resources

    Now that you have ample information about GRE exam prep, we are sure you will be able to ace your GRE exam. And if you’re still stuck at any step of your preparation, Yocket Study Abroad Experts are just a call away! 

    Frequently Asked Questions about GRE Sample Paper 

    1. Which practice test for GRE is best?

    Ans. Multiple GRE exam prep resources are available to kickstart your GRE preparation. The top ones are ETS, Kaplan, etc. But if you’re looking for one tool that can offer you everything you need to get started with your GRE mock test, Yocket GRE Prep is a wise choice. 

    2. How can I get 320 in 30 days during GRE exam prep?

    Ans. The best way to score a 300+ in GRE is to continuously work on clearing multiple GRE mock tests. Solving GRE exam sample papers helps in time management and gives you a better idea of what to expect from the former. 

    3. Is the practice test for GRE harder than the actual test?

    Ans. No, the GRE practice test gives you an overview of what to expect from the exam. Since you will be studying accordingly, it becomes easier to clear the mock GRE question papers better. 

    4. Is 3 weeks enough for GRE exam prep?

    Ans. It is always better to prepare for the GRE exam months prior. This gives you ample time to solve multiple GRE question papers and improve your scores. Always choose months of GRE preparation time to perform well in this exam. 

    5. When should I stop conducting the GRE practice test?

    Ans. Never stop attempting the GRE sample paper. Keep the last week of your GRE exam as a revision period. This helps you enhance the skills and knowledge learnt and manage stress before this exam.


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