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    GRE Preparation Books: Best Resources to Prepare For GRE

    Honestly speaking, if you check the online platform right now, you’ll find tons of GRE books at your fingertips. But tell me one thing, is it even worth the investment? I mean, yes, the GRE books are great and provide knowledge, but isn’t it tedious to carry it around?

    Do you know how the top GRE aspirants score high marks? With frequent practice. While you can refer the best books to prepare for GRE, when it comes to practice, you need a smart solution, something like the popular trending GRE platform, Yocket GRE Prep. Read along to learn more about GRE exam books and how Yocket GRE Prep proves to be your best go-to tool for GRE study preparation. 

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    Perks Of Studying From GRE Preparation Books

    Before we can learn about the best GRE books available, let’s understand why we need to access this source in the first place:

    1. Better Practice

    In order to ace the GRE exam, you should have adequate practice to get started. Thus the best way to enhance your skills and knowledge for this exam is to study from the best GRE preparation books. These books will improve your knowledge of the subject and share tricks that can benefit you during the exam. 

    Now that you have the knowledge, it’s better to put this all into practice. Yocket GRE Prep offers multiple mixed topic and full-length mock tests to help you analyse your performance for each GRE section. 

    The perk of doing this is you only study for sections requiring more attention. So basically, you’re saving time to study the whole syllabus when instead you focus on what sections you’re weak in. How convenient!

    2. Trains you in multiple sections

    Another great reason to invest in GRE preparation books is it provides the overall study training required for this exam. Here is the complete list of them:

    • Helps you work on your time management skills
    • Aligns your question attempting speed
    • Helps you analyse your strengths and weaknesses, etc.

    While the GRE books provide knowledge, this still isn’t enough, you need to put this knowledge to the test. Luckily, Yocket GRE Prep offers practice tests for each section, such as verbal, quantitative and much more. Upon completion, you can see your scores for each and work on improving that from time to time. 

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    3. Aligns your understanding

    Another great reason to refer to GRE study material is how they form your understanding. If you’re attempting GRE for the first time, it helps curve how you access the information. Insightful GRE books provide detailed mock tests and information enough to quip you well in the set sections. 

    But the drawback here is that it will be time-consuming to time the mock tests conducted here. Yocket GRE Prep makes this whole process simpler. All you need to do is click on any mock tests you wish to undertake. There will be a timer on the top for you to see, and that helps you manage your time better for each question. 

    4. Increases your confidence

    Lastly, GRE books can help reduce exam stress. When you tend to practice more from such sources, you understand which areas you’re good at and which you need to work on. So how does this process affect you? It slowly builds confidence that you have the knowledge to clear the GRE sections. 

    The GRE books curb your stress in one aspect. You also need confidence to ace the exam, don’t you? Just having theory knowledge isn’t enough, my friend. You need to walk into the GRE exam hall confidently, knowing that you can manage your time, etc, and this is exactly what attempting Yocket GRE Prep tests can help you in. 

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    Types Of Resources Available For GRE Books

    When you start exploring the best GRE preparation books available, you will realise that there are multiple choices. 

    The top ones are:

    While you’re aware of the best GRE books, the last bullet point is also gaining higher popularity. There are tons of GRE prep tools listed online that can make a student's life easy, including yours. These tools make it easier to prep for GRE no matter the location. One tool garnering more attention amongst GRE aspirants is the Yocket GRE Prep tool. 

    Let’s learn more about this below. 

    How Yocket Prep Proves To Be Beneficial Than GRE Preparation Books?

    Yocket GRE Prep tool was created to make the lives of GRE aspirants like you one step easy. We understand how important scoring that 340 GRE mark is. Having the best GRE books will provide the theoretical knowledge required, but the best way to learn is to practice more mock tests accordingly. 

    Yocket GRE Prep can help you here. Yocket GRE prep offers various packages as per your interest. If you’re someone who wishes to conduct mock tests, getting started with our free version, Yocket GRE prep, will help. This free platform will also provide a scoreboard that gives you insights into which GRE areas you should focus on more. 

    Having said that, free tools are limited, which is why our premium version Yocket GRE Prep+ helps. This premium version has become a hit amongst your fellow GRE aspirants for the following reasons:

    • Offers a diagnostic test wherein you can witness your pros and cons of the exam and receive a personalised GRE test structure for the same
    • Get access to a personalised GRE test that caters to your tight schedules
    • Receive detailed insights on every section of the GRE exam to improve knowledge, speed, etc.

    Apart from this also get access to

    • 40+ topic-wise practice tests
    • 4 Mixed-topic and 3 Full-length GRE® Mock Tests with timed/untimed modes
    • Personalised priority prep dashboard, and much more

    This package costs INR 5995, but if you sign up right now, get our premium tool for INR 1995 for three months along with a 15% coupon. 

    C’mon even you know that this deal is a steal. 

    Best Books To Prepare For GRE

    Referring to GRE preparation books is one aspect of the GRE learning process. There are multiple best GRE books which you can choose from. But who will go through the process of finding and listing them?

    Luckily we took responsibility and are now sharing the best GRE books to study from.

    GRE Books

    Where to find them?

    The Official Guide To The GRE General Test, Third Edition

    ETS or GRE website

    Official GRE-Verbal Reasoning Practice Questions Volume 1, Second Edition

    ETS or GRE website

    Official GRE-Quantitative Reasoning Practice Questions Volume 1, Second Edition 

    ETS or GRE website

    Kaplan's GRE Prep Plus 2023


    Test Prep Books- GRE, 12TH Edition



    Apart from the above-listed GRE books, there are also free GRE resources which you can take advantage of such as:

    • ETS power prep tests
    • ETS official free resources
    • Quizlet
    • Coaching centres study materials, etc.

    Once you’re done with the theory knowledge, you can always use Yocket GRE Prep to conduct frequent practice tests, get a detailed score on your GRE performance and much more. 

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    Top Tips Considered The Best Way To Prepare For GRE

    You now have everything you need to kickstart your GRE study plans. But wait, you’re aware that this process will be long, isn’t it? Have you noticed why most people give up in between and reschedule or cancel their exam?

    While personal reasons are one aspect, a few give up because they are not prepared enough. The stress is real, but this doesn’t mean you cannot ace this exam. If you’re someone who is looking to do well in the GRE exam, refer below for the best ways to prepare for GRE:

    1. Create a study plan

    A good study plan will give you time to align your study pattern, complete the required syllabus, help you revise and do much more. A set study plan also keeps you aligned with your goal and motivates you to spend time studying for the exam. 

    If you are looking for a more aligned GRE prep study, get started with the priority diagnostic test from Yocket GRE Prep. Based on your performance analysis, the GRE prep plan will be curated accordingly. 

    2. Focus on your time

    Time management is one of the most important aspects of writing a GRE exam. When you practice mock tests, you understand how much time is required for each question, which helps you plan how to manage your time during the exam. A good time management helps you deliver confident answers. 

    3. Keep practicing

    The best way to achieve a perfect score on GRE is via practice. Make use of tools such as Yocket GRE prep to help you conduct your unlimited mock tests. Practicing daily makes it easier to solve multiple questions ahead of time, understand your knowledge of each section, etc. 

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    4. Breathe

    Lastly, when you start your GRE study preparation, always remember to breathe. There will be rocky roads where you will feel like giving up. Always trust yourself and learn to breathe in a stressful situation. 

    Wrapping Up….

    Scoring well in the GRE exam is important, and we know how much it means to you. Today with solutions such as Yocket GRE Prep, millions of GRE aspirants are achieving their target scores successfully. However, Yocket is not limited to assisting students with GRE alone. When submitting GRE scores, choosing the right university will also matter. In such cases, connect with our Yocket professionals

    Frequently Asked Questions About GRE Books

    1. Can I use GRE study material for self study?

    Ans: Yes, there are tons of GRE study materials available for a student like you to consider during self study. These resources are easy to understand and help provide the educational knowledge needed. 

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    2. Can GRE preparation be done in 1 month?

    Ans: The GRE preparation time doesn’t matter as long as you’re someone who can learn things and analyse them easily. However, it is suggested to start preparing for GRE, months before the admission enrollment. The top reason being you need to access multiple GRE preparation books to enhance your knowledge for this exam. 

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    3. Are there free GRE resources to consider when studying for GRE?

    Ans: Yes, there are multiple free GRE books which you can choose from when studying for GRE. These free resources are offered from reliable sources as well. 

    4. Is GRE a difficult exam?

    Ans: GRE’s difficulty level is determined from one student to another. While you may find this exam difficult, another student might not. However, thanks to GRE preparation books and top tips to ace this exam, the process of GRE becomes less difficult. 

    5. Is 300 a good GRE score?

    Ans: Yes, 300 is a good GRE score. However, if you wish to get accepted at the top university, try aiming for 300+. 


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