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    Universities & Colleges Accepting GRE Score of 320 and Above

    Universities Accepting GRE Score 320 and Above

    The GRE is a postgraduate entrance test that is adopted in the USA, Canada, and a few other nations for admission into different programs. Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, and Analytical Writing are the three sections of the GRE exam which is scored between 260 to 340 credits.

    Having a high GRE score is very crucial to one’s admission. While it may not be the only requirement but it is the first thing that the university looks at during admission. It is the first necessary aspect to get the universities to even glance your way for admission.

    In this blog, we will look at the various 320 GRE score universities as well as discuss the significance of a score of 320 plus in GRE.

    Is Getting a GRE Score 320 or Above Good Enough?

    The GRE scores for the verbal and quantitative components range from 130 to 170 points. The Analytic Writing section of the GRE is graded in a range of 0.0 to 6.0. A verbal and quantitative GRE score of 150 to 160 is needed for top universities abroad. GRE scores are now accepted for MBA programs at major business universities throughout the world in addition to GMAT scores. Since around 1.5 million people take the GRE annually, the cut-off is immensely high and admissions are harder.

    Having a GRE score of 320+ makes you visible on the best university’s radar, and they will welcome you with open arms! The 320 GRE percentile is around 80 percent or above!

    But again, the GRE is a sectional game. If you want admission in a specific course, say engineering, you need to up your game and receive the highest possible score in the quant section. Most universities look at your section scores and percentiles rather than overall scores.

    But then again, if you have a GRE score of 320+, that would mean that you already have scored high in the GRE sections to even achieve this kind of score.

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    List of GRE 320+ Universities

    Score 318+ in GRE with the On-Demand GRE Course

    To acquire the information and self-assurance for successful performance on any section of the GRE test, you must start preparing early. With advanced and effective GRE preparation, you can surely achieve a score of 320 and above. Here is a list of GRE 320 universities that you may opt for:

    Universities for GRE Score of 320-325

    A GRE score between 320 to 325 is considered to be a good score to opt for various programs abroad. A list of universities accepting GRE scores of 320 to 325 are listed below:

    1. Purdue University
    2. University of Pennsylvania
    3. University of Virginia
    4. Rutgers University
    5. University of Chicago
    6. Northwestern University
    7. University of Massachusetts
    8. University of Washington, Seattle
    9. Washington University in St. Louis
    10. University of Arizona
    11. University of Notre Dame
    12. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
    13. University of California, Irvine
    14. University of California, Santa Cruz

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    Universities for GRE Score of 325-330

    325 to 330 is a decent GRE score through which you can secure admission to various universities. Some of them are:

    1. Yale University
    2. University of California, Los Angeles
    3. The University of Maryland, College Park
    4. Cornell University
    5. Columbia University
    6. Dartmouth College
    7. Brown University
    8. John Hopkins University
    9. University of Minnesota
    10. Duke University
    11. University of California, San Diego
    12. Rice University
    13. University of Wisconsin

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    Universities for GRE Score of 330-340

    Now, 330 to 340 GRE score is a promising score to crack the top universities and best programs. A list of universities that you may opt for are:

    1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    2. Stanford University
    3. California Institute of Technology
    4. University of California, Berkeley
    5. Carnegie Mellon University
    6. Princeton University
    7. University of Texas at Austin
    8. Harvard University
    9. Texas A & M University
    10. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
    11. University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign

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    A high GRE score will boost your chances of being accepted to the college of your choice. If you wish to enrol in a certain course, be sure to comprehend the precise requirements needed to be admitted to that course. Your study strategy will be more effective if you are aware of the specific score requirements for each university. For any additional questions, sign up for Yocket Premium and get help from our knowledgeable team of counselors.

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