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    GRE 1 Month Preparation Plan: Efficient Strategies for Success

    gre 1 month study plan

    Are you preparing for your GRE examination and feel like you are running out of time? Do you want to score well, but the test is only a month away? Well, here is the solution to that. 

    It can be difficult to study for a test like the GRE since you have to juggle several different duties while preparing for one that demands careful planning. You will need a well-structured study strategy to assist you in catching up if you want to pass the test in a month because it takes months of preparation. You're in luck since Yocket Prep has put up a GRE one-month study schedule to assist you in getting ready for the exam quickly.

    We have carefully mapped out a daily plan to help you get your target GRE score within a month. Additionally, this plan contains tidbits of wise counsel to make your study sessions more effective. On top of that, we understand that everyone learns at a different speed, so the format has been kept adaptable.

    So let's start by answering the basics,

    What is GRE Exam?

    A frequent requirement for entry into graduate programs (such as master's and doctorate programs) in the United States and many other nations is the GRE or Graduate Record Examination. The Educational Testing Service (ETS) administers it to determine students' preparedness for graduate-level academic work.

    Although the GRE is computer-based, a paper-based version is offered in locations where computer testing is impractical. When evaluating candidates, graduate admissions committees consider test results and other indicators, including undergraduate GPA, letters of reference, and personal statements.

    Additionally, GRE examinations are offered for certain academic disciplines, such as the GRE Subject Test in Psychology or the GRE Subject Test in Mathematics. These assessments are frequently necessary or advised for entrance to graduate programs in certain disciplines.

    What does the GRE include?

    There are three key sections of the GRE General Test:

    • Verbal Reasoning: This portion assesses your capacity to comprehend links between ideas and words, analyse and evaluate written content, and synthesise knowledge.
    • Quantitative Reasoning: This portion evaluates your aptitude for maths and your capacity for problem-solving, with a particular emphasis on ideas from arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and data analysis.
    • Analytical Writing: You must write two analytical essays for this portion, one of which must analyse a problem and the other an argument. This part assesses your capacity to present complicated ideas and arguments coherently.

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    GRE one-month study plan

    Here is how you can prepare for the GRE exam in just 1 month:

    • Step 1: Take a practice exam first. Find your current position and any differences between your current and desired scores. The areas that need attention will be highlighted when you create objectives and priorities thanks to this initial review.
    • Step 2: Develop your basic knowledge in step two. Get a firm understanding of the test's structure, question choice, and scoring methods. As you use the strategies you'll learn, this will boost your confidence. Given below is the test pattern for the GRE.

    GRE test sections

    Time allotted

    Score range

    GRE Analytical Writing Section

    60 minutes

    0–6, in half-point increments

    GRE Verbal Reasoning Section

    60 minutes


    GRE Quantitative Reasoning

    70 minutes


    • Step 3: Plan out your study time. While this guide will help you prepare for the GRE during the coming month, it is up to you to balance the work with your other obligations.
    • Step 4: This step will include daily practice. Start working on the verbal and quantitative parts, as well as on improving your vocabulary and studying for the test.
    • Step 5: Continue to test. You should do regular practice tasks to solidify the ideas and techniques you are learning.
    • Step 6: Get ready for the entire test. The AWA (writing portion) is important to remember. Weekend writing sessions and comprehensive GRE practice exams will prepare you for the real deal.
    • Step 7: Get ready physically and emotionally. As the phrase goes, "Sound mind in a sound body”. A good part of exam preparation is getting adequate sleep, engaging in activities that increase confidence, and eating healthfully in the weeks leading up to test day.

    Feeling uneasy? Remember, along with following the study plan, how hard you work will also be a deciding factor in how much you score. Do you require any last-minute advice for the GRE? We have your back. Enroll into our GRE classes or take our mock tests to boost your prep.

    Is 1 month enough for GRE prep?

    Your starting position, desired score, and study habits all affect how much time you will need to spend getting ready for the GRE. 

    One month of preparation for the GRE can be sufficient. However, it can be harder and more demanding than lengthier study periods. To maximise this time:

    • Make a thorough study programme and follow it.
    • Prioritise your areas of weakness when reviewing all GRE material.
    • Take many practice exams to pinpoint your areas for development.
    • For targeted advice, think about employing GRE preparation classes or tutors.
    • Maintain discipline and concentration during your study periods.

    Your preparation schedule should ultimately match your unique demands and goals. While some test takers might need more time to prepare, others could be able to do it with the appropriate plan and commitment in only one month.


    Keep in mind that studying for the GRE requires commitment and time. You must be focused, organised, and persistent to get your target GRE score. Always examine the prerequisites of the graduate programmes you're applying to since some may have varying GRE score requirements or even GRE fee waiver rules.

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