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    How to Send GRE Scores to Universities : Step by Step Guide

    Sending GRE Scores to Universties

    GRE is one of the most important exams for master's courses administered by ETS and is used by thousands of graduate and business schools for admissions. After completing GRE, you can send GRE scores to colleges of your choice. On a final day you can select up to 4 graduate institutions for free or fellowship sponsors to accept your scores as part of your test fee. 

    The GRE tests are consistent and objective measures that give faculty committees a way to compare students with different backgrounds and experiences. Sending GRE scores to universities before the deadline helps in admission decision-making. It also acknowledges and supports universities or colleges to identify which students are academically prepared for graduate-level study. And if you're aiming to get a 320+ score, you can easily choose the Yocket GRE Prep tool to get free solutions for the test. And, to know how to send GRE scores to universities on test day, we have curated a guide below with all the essential information about sending GRE scores to colleges.

    How to Send GRE Scores to Universities?

    If you’re thinking about how to send GRE scores to colleges? The GRE score reports specify both your official GRE report after giving the test and the reports you will send to several universities.

    • If you’ve given the computer-delivered test, you’ll get your unofficial GRE verbal and quantitative scores after completing the test. And the official GRE score, including your analytical writing score, will appear 10 to 15 days later on your ETS Account.
    • If you’ve given a paper-delivered GRE test, your official score report will appear on your ETS account 5 weeks after taking the test. This type of test does not offer unofficial scores just after completing the test.

    Step by Step Process of Sending GRE Scores to Universities

     International students pursuing their master’s program abroad often enquire about sending GRE scores to colleges. Once you complete the test, your read-through scores will be available within the ETS account. They will be posted to all chosen universities within 10-15 days from your testing date. Here is the step-by-step process that needs to be followed:

    1. Login to your ETS account
    2. Go to “My GRE Home Page” you need to select “Send Additional Score Reports” under the scores tab
    3. You will get the “On-screen test registration” option
    4. Subsequently, you can use the option “Send Additional Score Reports.”

    Furthermore, you will be given an option by ETS to select the most recent scores or all scores in the last five years. And you can send the GRE scores as per your preference to up to 4 universities free of cost.

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    How to Send GRE Scores to Universities on Test Day?

    On the final test day after completing the GRE, you can see the unofficial verbal reasoning & quantitative reasoning scores. Since human examiners assess the GRE Analytical writing, the GRE AWA scores are available together with the official GRE score. You can select the score recipients you want to share your GRE exam scores with. If in case, the college of your choice is missing from the list, you can pay an additional score report fee of 27 USD (2,221.77 INR).

    Students post the GRE test day can also send the score reports by paying the applicable fee with an option to select any one among the possibilities listed below to send GRE scores.

    •  Most Recent Scores: Send your GRE score from your most recent test administration
    •  Any: Send your GRE score from 1 OR as many test managements as you like from the last five years.
    • All GRE Scores: Sending your GRE scores from all test managements in the last 5 years.

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    How Long Does it Take to Send GRE Scores to Universities?

    After completing the GRE, your official score report will automatically be sent by ETS if you've pre-selected the four universities of your choice. Apart from it, there are many cases where sending your GRE scores will take time, such as:

    •  If you have applied for additional score reports online to be sent to other colleges, reaching the preferred colleges may take around 5 days.
    • It will take around 10 days to get transmitted if you apply via fax or mail.
    • If you have applied for restoration of your scores, it will take two weeks to be restored.

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    How Much Does it Cost to Send GRE Scores?

    You can easily send GRE scores to 4 universities of your choice on GRE test day, and the fee for those universities is included in the GRE test fee, i.e., 213 USD (17,527.28 INR) till 31st October 2022. While applying to more than four universities, you must pay an additional score report fee of 27 USD (2,221.77 INR). If you have cancelled your GRE scores on the test day, you will be required to pay a 50 USD (4,114.39 INR) fee for sending GRE scores to get them restored later.

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    Frequently Asked Questions About Sending GRE Scores to Universities

    Which GRE score should I send?


    Which GRE score should I send?


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    How long does it take to send GRE scores to universities?


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