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    GRE Scholarships: All about GRE Scholarships for Indian Students in 2024

    GRE Scholarship

    Scoring well on GRE is not an easy job. And if you have done it already, you can expect some financial reward in the form of scholarships after you secure admission to your dream university abroad. Although not all scholarships are awarded solely on the basis of GRE score, it has a lot to do with the selection process.

    We have prepared a complete guide to GRE scholarships. In this blog, we have included GRE scholarships for international students, how to apply GRE scholarships, a list of colleges offering GRE scholarships, and answers to some of the most common questions about GRE scholarships.

    GRE 2024 Scholarships and Grant

    Before we learn about the GRE scholarships for Indian students, let us briefly understand what are GRE scholarships. Like any other merit or need-based scholarships, GRE scholarships and grants are awarded to students with high scores. Some of these GRE exam scholarships are highly valued and help to reduce your financial burden of studying abroad significantly. You can classify GRE scholarships for international students into 3 types discussed below:

    • University scholarships - scholarships based on GRE score provided by universities to newly admitted students.
    • Government scholarships - provided by the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) to candidates who have secured admission abroad.
    • Non-government/ private scholarships - provided by private organisations and foundations to support international students financially to help them pursue higher education.

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    Next, let’s explore the GRE scholarships for Indian students.

    GRE 2024 Scholarships for Indian Students

    Can we get scholarship through GRE? If you are looking for GRE 2024 scholarship options for Indian students, look at the list below to know about scholarships where GRE is an important criteria for selection:

    Name of Scholarship


    Inlaks Scholarship

    Awarded to students in the field of arts and humanities.

    Amount of award goes up to $100,000

    Chevening Scholarship

    Awarded to select master's degree students pursuing graduate programs at designated universities in the UK.

    The award covers a part of tuition and provides a monthly stipend.

    DAAD Scholarship

    This scholarship covers the tuition at German institutions for international students pursuing bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral programs.

    Aga Khan Foundation International Scholarship

    Provided to students pursuing master’s degree programs abroad.

    The scholarship covers tuition fees and the cost of living.

    J.N. Tata Endowment Scholarship

    Awarded to postgraduate and doctorate students in Engineering, Political Science, Law and other related programs.

    This scholarship provides a travel grant and special allowance.

    Full-bright Nehru Fellowships

    The scholarship is designed for students in the field of arts and humanities, economics, health and public administration, gender studies, etc.

    The benefits of this award include tuition fees and partial living costs.

    Apart from the scholarships mentioned above, you may also find the following options useful:

    • Rotary Peace Fellowship
    • Commonwealth Scholarships
    • Narotam Sekhsaria Scholarship Program
    • Fulbright Scholarship
    • Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships
    • Ontario Trillium Scholarships

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    Next, let’s explore the benefits of GRE scholarships for study abroad aspirants.

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    Benefits of GRE Scholarships for Indian Students

    GRE scholarships are directly based on the scores achieved by a student in the exam. Following are the benefits of the GRE exam scholarship for Indian students.

    • University education is an expensive affair. Therefore, international students usually explore scholarships and aid to reduce their out-of-pocket study expenses. The scholarship based on GRE score can help students to the same efficiently.
    • Apart from the tuition fee, the GRE scholarship amount can also cover living costs, travelling, personal expenses, etc.
    • Many universities, government and private organisations, financial institutions, etc, offer scholarships for Indian students to cover full or partial expenses of their education.
    • These organisations evaluate applicants on the basis of their previous record in terms of academic qualifications, work experience, achievements, and extracurricular activities, among a host of other criteria.
    • For this, the students must achieve the specified GRE score.

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    Criteria of GRE Scholarships for Indian/ International Students

    GRE scores are important for the above-mentioned scholarships, but they are not the sole deciding factor. The scholarships also depend on other criteria like:

    • Academic performance of the candidate.
    • The total no. of available scholarships in the particular semester/ year.
    • General scoring trends of GRE and IELTS for the specific scholarship exam.
    • Quality of the statement of purpose and letter of recommendation as part of the documents.
    • Additional research projects, if worked upon, can add to the decision.

    How much gre score is required for scholarship?

    While talking about GRE scores for scholarships, it should be noted that most top schools and universities accept a GRE score above 160 for the verbal and quantitative sections. 

    With a score matching this range, you can surely get hold of some of the best scholarships available for international students. 

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    Next, let’s explore…

    How to Find and Apply for a GRE Scholarship?

    Applying for GRE scholarships for Indian students is quite easy. Here are a few points that will help you to search and apply for GRE scholarships for international students:

    • Start by looking for GRE scholarships for international students and then check the GRE scholarship criteria for Indian students.
    • You can also get in touch with some past achievers and get insights about available scholarships, and the GRE score required for scholarship.
    • Visit the scholarship website and check the necessary details regarding the application process, the GRE score required for the scholarship and other requirements.
    • If you are applying for a university scholarship where a GRE score is one of the determinants of the scholarship, check all the requirements along with average GRE scores and see if your profile fits in.
    • Some university-provided scholarships consider applications holistically and, therefore, also give importance to GPA and past academic records.
    • You can get in touch with the financial aid office at universities to understand the GRE scholarships for Indian students or in case of queries regarding scholarships.
    • Coming to the application process, don’t miss the deadlines for submitting your applications.
    • Check that you submit all the relevant documents supporting your application, such as transcripts, official scores, resume, financial statements, SOPs and LORs, etc.

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    Next, let’s explore the list of colleges offering GRE scholarships.

    List of Colleges Offering GRE Scholarships to International Students

    If you have one of the best GRE score for scholarship, you can use it to your advantage by applying for GRE scholarships. Studying abroad requires a huge financial investment, and any help in the form of scholarships will always be a great help. Take a look at the universities in different countries that provide various GRE scholarships for international students:

    Name of Scholarship

    GRE Scholarship Amount

    Clark University Scholarships (Clark University, USA)

    Up to $25,000 per year for 4 years

    Concordia College Scholarships (Concordia College, USA)

    Up to $28,000 per year for 4 years

    New York University Wagner Scholarships (New York University, USA)

    $25,000-45,000 covering partial or full tuition

    Dartmouth College Scholarships (Dartmouth College, USA)

    Based on financial need

    Clarendon Scholarships (University of Oxford, UK)

    Full tuition and living expenses

    University of Sussex Chancellor’s International Scholarship (University of Sussex, UK)


    University of West London International Ambassador Scholarship (University of West London, UK)

    $6,000 per year

    University of British Columbia Public Scholars Award (University of British Columbia, Canada)

    $11,635 per year up to 2 years

    University of Calgary International Entrance Scholarship (University of Calgary, Canada)

    $7,755 per year

    University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowship (University of Manitoba, Canada)

    $10,850 per year up to 2 years

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    With this we come to the end of our discussion on GRE scholarships. We hope you got an idea about the various options available and how to avail of these scholarships from the government or universities. From the discussion above, it is quite clear how important GRE scores are in determining eligibility for scholarships abroad.

    Having said that, you must also understand that GRE is a door that unlocks opportunities not only for admission to leading universities but also for financial aid and, therefore, a stable future abroad. So work hard to achieve the best GRE score, and success will follow.

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